A Howl Away is a simple and effective way for your business to connect with customers in your local area. The benefits of this is astonishing! Business, especially those who have “call out” type services have less travel distance and expenses. Clients can easily communicate with the business and staff in person. There are many businesses that lacks exposure, this way your local clients can find you even if they did not know about you. And the list goes on…

1. Submit Your Business Listing in South Africa

Submitting a listing on A Howl Away is super simple, we have made it very easy to setup your listing, just fill in the fields and submit. Your clients and potential clients will be able to find your business as soon as the submission is done successfully.

3. Fees

  • Regular listing price is R 350.00 per year.
  • Featured Listing price is R 1 200.00 per year.